Starting Roulette Bankroll

I’m not spinning crap and using demo accounts all the time which obviously can show you the systems, but it doesn’t show me you actually making me actually making money. So, as you can see here, I’ve got the net bed account and there’s my current balance and, as you can see here, I’ve actually deposited $ 30. Us very small account now it’s a bit small, but i’m just doing 10-cent bets. So that’s fine in that case. Probably really should really do at least a hundred dollars, but i’m just doing a very conservative system.

So it’s not going to be too taxing and lose everything, but really minimum 50 or at least a hundred. But I’m comforting what I’m doing so. I can start at a very low level, so i just wanted to show you the starting balance and then i’m going to show you it growing and growing. So so you can see it’s actually legit and the methods I use.

I’M not just talking crap, like ninety-nine percent of people out there on YouTube and their so-called systems saying you can make mu into dollars and drive Lamborghinis around. So there you go there. It is deposited at that date and there’s the actual date here. So i deposited today there’s a starting balance: 30 and i’ll show you future videos to show you that actually growing and also show you here that i haven’t deposited it anymore between since i started. Okay, hi guys welcome back. I just wanted to show you my account balance now.

This is the same day as i deposited. I had a fire, a spare five to 10 minutes. As you can see there, I’ve made started with three dollars: three dollars 40 and you might say well three dollars. 40, that’s!

That’S! That’S nothing! Why would you award you buy that, but remember it’s a fire to 10 minutes you’ve made over ten percent of your money to be technical, 11.3 percent of your money. So look at it that way, a bank would give you on $ 30 on three percent: ninety cents, ninety cents a year, so you’ve got more than the bank interest in one day now for a month, obviously time’s up by about 30 days, and obviously that’s going To add up, isn’t it so 3 40 x 30. We were talking about about a hundred dollars hundred dollars a month x, 12. That’S going to give you an extra 12 hundred over twelve hundred a year.

Now is yes, when you look at it that way, it does add up, so you might not pay up every day. So if you don’t play every day, you know might be eight hundred dollars, but even if you hit, you didn’t have thirty thirty thirty dollars. But if you double that, so if you started with 300 and you’re, making thirty dollars a day. Well, thirty dollars x, 30 days, obviously nine hundred dollars a month x, 12 that gives you over 10,000 the eleven thousand dollars. So as you can see on a regular basis that sad that adds up – and you can see there that that’s definitely worthwhile. So I’m talking little figures here, but you can see the benefits of having a system that works.

I use a variety of systems.

My philosophy is: don’t just use one system over and over especially online.

The software can sometimes predict what you’re doing so and then the actual systems i use a very hard to track because they can be very complex but they’re very systematic once you know and you’re writing down things as you go.

As I explained in a previous video when you go to the casino etc, you can make really good money now, then you can obviously withdraw some and keep a balance and go from there. I don’t recommend, keep doubling when you get a high bankroll, because then you can lose lose a lot quite quickly. I don’t recommend that just just don’t be greedy, build it up, build it up, double your bets. If you like, but don’t keep doubling and doubling when you’ve got a you know, two grand or something in the account just do smaller bits.

Go that way and then then you won’t won’t suffer big losses. So that’s my tips about you know increasing your bankroll over time. Just got to be again, it’s discipline, you can get your discipline happening and that’s all you really need to focus on the bankroll.

You discipline and from there the sky’s the limit, thanks for watching I’ll, give you another update. In a few days.