NFL Betting Advice from Team OddsShark – Teams to Watch

It’s the last week in the NFL regular season and while there are still playoffs and the Super Bowl look forward to the main predictions for the season have either come true by now or they have shattered on the field. Back before the season began OddsShark was in Las Vegas with players on the OddsShark team to sign up for the Westgate Super Contest we asked a few of the team what predictions they had for the 2018 season and don’t forget hindsight is twenty-twenty. Now you’re a Seahawks fan, how do you think they’re gonna do this year?

13-3 super bowl-bound. Wow. Yeah.

They have the highest over/under win total and on the board and that’s ten and a half so …. With good reason, take that over, pound that over. Good stuff. 11 wins is on the low side of the spectrum.

Excellent. I heard a rumor that you’re a Browns fan. Oh man, it stinks when that stuff leaks out into Vegas right? Because yes, well Sports Illustrated just came out and they predicted one win for the Browns this year. Now the Cleveland Browns it’s been awful since 1999 there’s no way to sugarcoat it right?

Well now you bring in Hugh Jackson you bring Duke Johnson and you got Isaiah Crowell, you got RG3, hopefully, I really think they can squeak out four wins. I know that’s not saying much, but they always seem to beat one of those teams that they don’t need to, and then all of sudden their draft kinda gets mixed up. It’s not gonna be pretty once again but they are a work in progress and if there’s any coach that can turn this franchise around I really think Hugh Jackson’s at the front of the list. I think the Titans are gonna be a little bit better people expect eight or nine win caliber team so I’m gonna ride them. Nobody pays attention the Titans, most people don’t even realize they’re NFL team so they can get a little bit of advantage there.

Are there any teams that you think are maybe being overlooked a little bit coming in? You know, not but this is outrageous but I do think the Oakland Raiders are gonna be really good this year I think they’re ready to kind of take that leap. They have everything you want out of a top-ten team quarterback, great number one receiver, good defense, they’ve really improved a lot. I do like the Oakland Raiders.

We’ll see, the spreads are going to catch up with them pretty quick I think because they’re gonna be good out of the gate but I really like the Oakland Raiders my breakouts team this year. Oh no you blew my secret I kind of like them too. I think a lot of people do. The conclusion of the regular season means the end to another Westgate Super Contest hope you had as much fun as I did.