NFL Betting Advice from Team OddsShark: Making NFL picks

I’m the last person to give advice but if I had to give advice I would say decide what you like and then do the exact opposite.

Well I think if you are watching sports and you aren’t gambling I think you’re losing a big part of what makes sports great, because so many sporting events end up in a position where you know who’s going to be winning a game but I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve been like on my knees in front of the television in a 25-point game waiting to see whether or not the spread is going to get covered. And television ratings reflect that too, so I think if you’re watching sports and not putting some money on the game you’re losing an opportunity to have a lot more fun. You really should follow the numbers, you know, going with your gut as I have done, as i did last year was probably a good learning experience what not to do.

You know if you think well I’m convinced that player X, you know, is going to make a difference, just move that out of your head and and really kind of figure out what you know what the numbers are telling you and just keep it very analytical. My advice would be this when you go to work when you talk to friends that are sports fans, ask them what they think is going to happen.

Chances are when you ask someone what’s gonna happen whether it’s a co-worker a friend couple coworkers couple friends they’re all gonna tell you the same thing. Whatever they tell you, do the opposite. So if a week one game is coming up and you talk to all your friends all your friends are dead set on one team winning and they’re going to tell you all the reasons why, chances are that team’s not going to cover the spread. Why do I know that? Because Las Vegas exists. If those people were right Las Vegas would not be here and everyone would be rich.

My advice to people making pics at home is to not follow anything I say and definitely follow the advice of experts. Also, how do I put this, don’t gamble any money that you can’t just say this would be fun if I just put this in a pile and burned it I don’t need this money. That’s how you gamble, is take the money that you don’t need you really maybe don’t want it and then it’s super fun to gamble.