Macau Gambling Travel Guide

Welcome to Killerfreaks’ travel guide series on Macau. In this article we’re gonna share our experience taking a ferry to Macau from Hong Kong International airport’s transit through SkyPier for transferring passengers Use this transit Macau ferry from Hong Kong Airport guide to see how easy it is to transfer from Hong Kong Airport to the Macau ferry without entering Hong Kong After disembarking your flight follow the Mainland/ Macau Ferry signs to the Macau ferry ticketing area which is located opposite of transfer desk E2 please note you do not need to go through immigration and customs in Hong Kong. The Macau ferry ticketing and transfer area is before Hong Kong immigration counters. In order to use the ferry service to Macau from Hong Kong Airport SkyPier, passengers need to transit by ferry on the same day they arrive in Hong Kong International Airport by air. If you are outside of Hong Kong Airport and passed through immigration already, you may not use SkyPier. In this case you’ll have to use the Hong Kong Macau ferry terminal on the Hong Kong Island side or the China ferry Terminal on the Kowloon side.

Please retain your luggage tags and boarding pass as you’ll need them to buy your ferry ticket and transfer your luggage to the Macau ferry. There are two main ferry companies which operate from the airport and leave from Sky Pier: Turbo-jet which runs from Hong Kong Airport Sky pier to the Macau Outer Harbour ferry terminal which is located on the Macau Peninsula which is old Macau. Cotai Water Jet runs service from SkyPier at Hong Kong International Airport to Macau Taipa ferry terminal which is on the Taipa side which is the newer side of Macau. Ferry ticket can be purchased at the transfer desk located on level 5 terminal 1 in the Hong Kong International Airport or online if you choose to book online, make sure to keep two or three hour gap between your arrival at the Hong Kong Airport and your ferry departure. Booking online is a good way to avoid sellouts during peak season.

When you purchase your ticket , the ticket attendant at the ferry counter will ask about your baggage claim tickets and then scan your baggage claim ticket and have your bags transferred to the ferry at Hong Kong Airport. Don’t worry about your bags, this system of transfer is very efficient. They have the ability to retrieve and transfer your bags from baggage claim in Hong Kong Airport to your Macau ferry. If you have check-in baggage, arrive at least one hour before sailing time.

If you don’t have check-in baggage arrive at the ferry boarding gate at least 15 minutes before sailing time. After purchasing your ticket you’ll have to wait in the lounge area until your ferry board time is announced on the display screen. The lounge area has chairs, bathrooms, water filling station, and a small restaurant while you wait for your ferry.

there’s also a machine here for you to check the status of your check-in baggage. Once your boarding is displayed or announced, approach the gate. The attendant will scan your tickets and assign you a seat on the ferry.

Once through the gate, you’ll take the escalators down to the automated people mover, (airport transit train) platform to SkyPier please note again that SkyPier is only accessible from Hong Kong Airport arrival area before immigration for transferring passengers only. The automated people mover train ride will take less than 10 minutes to SkyPier once you arrive, take the escalator up and make your way to the boarding gate for your ferry. Once you get to your gate wait for the staff to usher you into your ferry headed for Macau. At SkyPier along the boarding hall if you need something there is a currency exchange counter, convenience store, and a pharmacy.

The ferries are large spacious and passenger only. At your ferry gate you’ll wait at the queue and while you’re waiting at the queue you can watch your baggage being hauled onto the ferry. Then you’ll go down the escalators to the ferry pier where the actual ferry is moored.

Our experience with boarding the ferry was pretty smooth: the attendants scanned our boarding passes and directed us to the bridgeway to get to the ferry we went down an escalator to our assigned pier gate and then we walked through our assigned fairy gate to the boat there’s a ramp to get onto the ferry. Sometimes the waves sway the ramp so use caution when boarding especially with elderly and young children. once you enter into the boat, near the entrance is a space for storing your big carry-on luggage. Place your luggage here and make your way to your assigned seat please make sure you bring all your valuables with you to your seat do not leave it here with your luggage. There are restrooms and a snack bar on the ferry. Once the ferry starts moving it will take a little over an hour to get to Macau.

The boat ride is relatively smooth and is a fast ride to Macau. Once the ferry starts going you are required to stay seated unless you’re going to the restroom or getting a snack in the snack shop. please note that once you arrive in Macau you will go through immigration and customs in the Macau ferry port. Once you reach Macau while disembarking don’t forget to collect all your belongings this may sound funny but after a long flight and a ferry ride one can get tired and forget stuff so we suggest making a double check before disembarking the ferry. Once you arrive in Macau at the ferry terminal follow the signs for arrivals signs are in English, Portuguese, and Chinese.

We arrived at the Macao outer harbour ferry terminal and we walked about 7-8 minutes from the ferry dock to reach immigration. There are moving walkways to make the walk easier. On the left hand side just before immigration there are restrooms if you need it. Once at immigration wait in the queue and then once you’re through with immigration don’t forget to pick up your luggage in the baggage claim area.

In the Macau Outer Harbour ferry terminal, baggage claim is tucked away to the right after immigration but before customs. Once you go through customs you’ll enter their arrival hall. There are several transportation options in Macau in the arrival hall of the Macau ferry terminal. You’ll find a currency exchange counter, ATM machines, Visitor Information Center, and even a public phone booth. If you’re changing any currency, change it to Hong Kong dollars rather than Macau Patacas.

Hong Kong dollars are accepted everywhere in Macau and leftover Hong Kong dollars are easier to convert back to other foreign currencies outside of Macau. A free and convenient option are the free hotel shuttles follow the signs for the hotel and casino shuttle bus. You will go down an escalator through a tunnel to the other side of the street. Look for your hotel name or ask an attendant if you can’t find it. Our hotel was located on the Macau Peninsula side so we took the ferry to Macau outer harbour ferry terminal. the Macau outer harbour ferry terminal is a good place to go for any hotel in Macau as all the major hotels run buses from here to their hotels including those in Taipa.

Please note that Macau Taipa ferry terminal runs buses to the Taipa side hotels only. We asked one of the attendants and he directed us to our bus. Another convenient option are taxis. If you’re taking a taxi follow the signs for taxi and wait in the queue the taxi queues are usually very busy but they move pretty fast.

The Macau outer harbour ferry terminal is a major transportation hub in Macau. Have a great time in Macau. By the way, watch our upcoming video for taking the Macau ferry back to Hong Kong Airport. We have some great tips.

Happy Travels.